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Party Planning

Our knowledgeable staff at Richboro Beer & Soda can help you select the perfect beverages for any party or special event. We are often asked how much beer is going to be necessary for a gathering, and whether to order cases of beer or kegs. The important thing to note is that each situation is different. We have provided the following insight based on our over 20 years of experience.

These estimates are based on parties that only include beer and wine. If you are also serving liquor you may want to cut the amount of beer in half. We also suggest a combination of draft and case beer to ensure that you don’t have too much or too little.

How many kegs will I need?

Our general rule of thumb is:

  • ½ keg for 50 people
  • ¼ keg for 25 people
  • 1/6 keg for 15 people

Please always remember to drink responsibly.

For any questions, or to talk specifics about your party, give us a call today!

Keg Sizes

Half kegs are the largest size and hold approximately 7 cases (a case being 24-12oz servings) of beer. Most beers that are available in draft form will come in the half keg size. This includes domestic, import, and craft beers.

Quarter kegs holds approximately 3 and ½ cases of beer. Selection in ¼ kegs is fairly limited to most of your premium domestic beers.

Sixtel kegs hold roughly 2 and 1/3 cases of beer. Many craft, micro, and macro beers are available in the 1/6 keg, along with a limited number of domestic and imported beers.


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